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Leach Fields & French Drain Systems

Precision Field Drain Installs in Knoxville & Surrounding Areas

When you are looking for a licensed and insured professional to handle your field drain systems, you can trust Frenia's Plumbing to provide quality installs and repairs to your leach fields.

Frenia's Plumbing is a State Certified Septic Installer and can handle all your septic tank and leach field needs, with years of experience handling septic system installations and drain field repair, trust that your project will be completed with expertise and knowledge.

Schedule a free estimate with our septic specialist to discuss a system tailored to your needs. 

Septic Leach Field, French Drain System & Well Pump Installs

Leach Field Install | Septic Drain Field | Septic Leach Field | Sump Pump

Frenia's Plumbing & Mechanical, Inc is able to help you with your leach field installs, French drain System, well pump installs, and septic pump/sump pump installs and repairs. 

For all new leach field install and drain field repair, our team will provide a free consultation to develop a new septic field drain system tailored to your property needs and the requirements of the Environmental Health Department.

If you are needing a new leach field or need a repair with your current septic field drain system or septic tank, you can trust Frenia's Plumbing to handle the job efficiently and with quality craftsmanship, we guarantee customer satisfaction, backed by a 1 year warranty on parts and labor. 

Call Frenia's Plumbing for a free estimate for your leach field, well pump, French drain system, and sump pump repairs, work backed by a 1 year Parts & Labor Warranty. 
Our plumbers have years of experience handling drain field repair, trench drain installs, french drain installs,
well pump installs, septic pumps, septic drain field system installs, septic systems, and more. 

When you are looking for a professional to repair your septic pump or a leach field replacement, you want someone who is certified and knowledgeable of the different types of field drains and septic systems that go together and what will best fit your home and land needs. After our professionals consult with you, they will get in touch with the Environmental Health Department and draw up a septic system or leach field repair that works best for your property.

Schedule a free consultation for your septic drain field install or French drain system.

Our experienced septic installers guarantee customer satisfaction and quality craftsmanship, backed by a 1-year warranty! 

Each septic drain field system is unique and requires the health departments inspection and approval to ensure the leach field/septic system meets local requirements laid out by the local governing agency in order to ensure there are no health risks related to the home’s drain field.

French Drain System

Frenias Plumbing is equipped with professionals who are experienced and can assist with your French drain system and well pump needs. 

Our professional plumber will provide you with a free estimate, followed by quality installs and repairs. Frenia's Plumbing is qualified to handle your French drain system, well pump, sump pump, and other needs with complete customer satisfaction and high-end craftsmanship, backed by a 1-year parts & labor warranty. 

No matter the scope of plumbing services or septic service, you can trust Frenia's Plumbing to provide efficient and quality work for your French drain installs, trench drain repairs, and well pump installs.
Your experienced plumber has you covered.


Schedule your free estimate today, our plumbers are experienced and ready to help you.

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