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State Certified Septic Installer
Septic Tank Installation Knoxville TN 

Our State Certified Septic Contractor provides efficient and quality septic installs to Knoxville and the surrounding areas. Your septic project will be handled by our experienced septic installer who will start with a consultation where we learn about your septic system needs and requirements.

Our septic installers will ensure your septic tank install and septic leach field install is completed efficiently and with precision, ensuring that your septic system is operating properly. 

Frenia's Plumbing provides septic system installations, septic tank replacements, leach field replacement, septic drain field repair, sewer line repairs, and more to East TN. With years of experience our plumbers and septic system specialist are ready to quickly assess your septic tank and leach field to ensure prompt repairs to your septic system and septic drain field to have you functioning properly.

We will handle all of your septic tank installs, septic pump repairs, and leach field needs with expertise and efficiency. 

Call Frenia's Plumbing for a free estimate for your septic system installs, sump pump installs, septic drain field repairs, french drains, and alternative septic system needs.

Septic Tank Installation 
State Licensed Septic Installer Providing Quality Septic Service 

Frenia's Plumbing is a State Certified Septic Contractor for the State of Tennessee, fully licensed and insured to handle your septic tank install, septic system projects, drain field repair, septic pump repair, and alternative septic systems installations.

Our certified septic installers currently service Knoxville, Roane County, Crossville & East TN with efficient and quality septic tank system installations and repairs. 
Certified Septic Installer, Sump Pump Install & Field Drain Installs.
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Call Frenia's Plumbing for a free consultation for your septic system. From septic tank install, drain field replacement, new septic system and leach field, or an alternative septic system know that your septic systems will be handled by our knowledgeable septic installers with care and efficiency.

Quality Septic Tank Installation in East Tennessee

Frenia's Plumbing is here to assist with your septic tank and leach field needs, our team of septic installers have years of experience working with Conventional Septic Systems, Alternative Septic Systems, Drip Systems, and Low-Pressure Pipe Septic Systems. Trust our team of experienced septic installers to handle your septic tank installs and leach fields with expertise and precision.

We are licensed to handle a wide variety of septic services, septic installs, and drain field repairs, to accommodate your home needs. Our team will provide you with a quality, efficiently operating septic tank install and septic drain field.

For more information on septic drain field, please click here.

Need help locating your current septic system?
If you are needing to inspect a septic system for a new home purchase, need to locate an existing, or need your current septic repaired, our experienced team can help you. 
Frenia's Plumbing will provide you with the information you need to ensure your septic system is operating properly and ensures quality septic installs and repairs backed by a 1-year warranty. 


Each septic tank system is unique and requires the Environmental Health Departments, planning, permit, inspection and approval to ensure the septic tank installation and placement meets local requirements laid out by the local governing agency in order to ensure there are no health risks related to the home’s septic tank installation. 

Alternative Septic Systems 

Frenia's Plumbing is licensed and has experience working with alternative septic systems and under unique projects. We are a Certified Norweco Septic System Installer and a Certified Norweco Service Provider, so we can keep your Norweco System up to date. 

We are a licensed and factory-trained Norweco Septic Installer and Norweco Septic System distributor for Roane County and the State of TN.

If you are needing to explore your septic system options and are considering an Advanced Treatment Septic System or other Alternative Septic System, schedule a free consult to speak with our trained and knowledgeable State Licensed Septic Installer to discuss alternative septic systems and build a plan that is right for you.

Need to purchase a Norweco Septic Tank For Your Install? 
Frenia's Plumbing is also a Norweco Septic System Distributor for Tennessee based out of Roane County!

To see more information about purchasing a Norweco Septic System Click Below.

Norweco Area Distributor 

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