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Knoxville Sewer Line Services
Expert Sewer Line Repair & Sewer Line Replacement

Frenia's Plumbing will always provide prompt services and quality sewer line repairs and installs. If you suspect an issue with your current sewer lines or are needing a sewer line repair, don't wait and call our experienced team of plumbers today. Our team will provide you with prompt, reliable and cost effective drain line replacements and sewer line repair solutions.

Our experienced plumbers and drain line experts are specialized to handle all of your sewer line needs, from adding a clean out, performing a simple drain line repair, to a full sewer line replacement or sewer line install, our highly skilled and trained Knoxville plumbers are ready to take on any job. 

At Frenia's Plumbing our professional plumbers are here to provide you a prompt and cost effective sewer line repair or sewer line replacement with quality craftsmanship. Our sewer line specialist will provide you a free comprehensive estimate for your drain line repair or replacement options based off the needs of your home. 

All drain line replacements and sewer line installs come standard with a 1 year parts & labor warranty! 

Common Signs Your Sewer Line Needs Repair

Sewer odor emitting from drains or around your property 

Clogged drains such as sinks, toilets and showers or slower than normal drainage 

Water starting to back up from your bathtub, showers, or toilets 

Noticeable wet or soggy spots in your yard 

Signs of water damage to your home(Floors, ceilings, or walls)

Cracks in your foundation or concrete 

If you have noticed any of these signs or other signs of a possible problem, contact Frenia's Plumbing for a diagnosis of your sewer systems for a sewer line repair or to provide you a free estimate for a sewer line replacement or sewer line installation. 

Sewer pipes and drain lines can break or become problematic for many reasons such as, poor maintenance, build up of hair, solids or sludge in drain lines, tree roots infiltrating sewer pipe, ground freezes / thaws , earthquakes, wear and tear from aging, etc. 

There's many reasons why your may have a broken sewer pipe or clogged drain line, just know when an issue arises, Frenia's Plumbing is here for you! 

Sewer Line Replacement _ Drain Line Repair _ Drain Line Install _ Knoxville Sewer Line Service

Is your sewer line draining slow?
Are you looking for trusted and reliable sewer and drain line services?
Looking for prompt and efficient drain line repair?
Need a free estimate for your sewer line replacement?

Call East TN's Sewer Line & Drain Line Repair Experts at 865-209-5522 to schedule your free estimate and receive quality sewer line repairs and installs!  

Sewer Line Replacement 

When your sewer line starts to fail and has severe damage or the age of the sewer pipe is over 30 years a sewer line replacement may be recommended over a repair. If our team recommends a complete sewer line replacement over a repair, it's because this will ensure that your sewer line will no longer leak or cause further damage to your property and home.

If you experience a sewer pipe break or have an emergency sewer line issue, call our team for same day services and drain line repairs. Our sewer line experts will perform your sewer line replacements and installs promptly and efficiently. At Frenia's Plumbing we put our customers needs first and will be there for you when an unexpected drain line issue arises to get you back up and functioning promptly. 

Our team will provide prompt sewer line replacements with quality material at cost effective pricing to ensure that once we leave, your drain lines function properly and do not cause you any further issues. 

Call for a free estimate tailored to your needs for your sewer line install and replacements, all replacements and drain line installs come with a 1 year parts and labor warranty. 

See how our preventive plumbing maintenance program (Serenity Club) can extend the performance and life span of your sewer pipes and plumbing systems.

Check out our Serenity Club
(Loyalty Program & Maintenance Bundled!)

Serving Knoxville, Harriman, Kingston, Lancing, Crossville, Rocky Top, Oak Ridge, Maryville, & Surrounding areas in East TN! 

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