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Water Line Install & Repair Services 

Quality Water Line Installs & Water Line Repipes
Same Day Service For Your Water Line Leaks & Repairs

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Water Line Replacement | Water Line Repair | Water Leak Services | Knoxville

Water Line Repipe

Quality Water Line Repipe

When your water line piping begins to become problematic and begin to form leaks, you may need to consider repiping your home.

Call Frenia's Plumbing for a free estimate for your water line repipe.


Our repipe specialist provide high end plumbing repipe services and ensure prompt, reliable scheduling. 

Let us handle your water piping needs, call us for  top quality plumbing repipe. 

Water Line Repair

Same Day Water Line Repair 

Our expert water line specialist will provide you with same day water line repairs to get your water running again.

Your water line is a crucial component in your home plumbing, which is why it is important that your water line issues are resolved promptly. Frenia's Plumbing is always ready to provide reliable, efficient water line repair in Knoxville & Surrounding areas.

Water Line Replacement 

Efficient Water Line Replacement 


Frenia's Plumbing always provides upfront pricing and quality water line replacements.

If you have noticed a spike in your water bill, suspect a water leak, or have noticed a decrease in your water pressure, than call our water line specialist who will evaluate your water lines and present you with a free estimate for a water line replacement.

We know that our customers expect a prompt response and high quality services from our experienced plumbers. When your water line burst and you are caught off guard with an unexpected water leak or are in need of an urgent water line repair, Frenia's Plumbing is here for you. Our experienced plumbers will respond promptly while providing quality water line repairs and water line installs for your home. 

Expert Water Line Repairs in Knoxville, Crossville, Roane County, Oak Ridge, and surrounding areas.

East TN Water Line Experts 

Contact Frenia's Plumbing for your free estimate! 

Here at Frenia's Plumbing our water line experts are ready to provide prompt same day service for your water leaks and water pipe break.  Our team will always provide you with quality water line replacements, water line installs, and water line repairs. When you call us for a water leak or busted water pipe we know that you are in need of help fast, that is why we will provide prompt services, quality work, and long lasting repairs and installs.




Located in Harriman and proudly serving Kingston, Rockwood, Knoxville, Crossville, Oak Dale, Oak Ridge, Farragut, and surrounding areas. 

Signs That You Need A Water Line Repair or Replacement

Have you noticed an increase in your water bill?

Noticed a drop in water pressure? 

Sudden presence of dirt and debris in your water? 

Are you seeing damp areas or puddles forming in your yard near your water line? 

Water line leaks causing constant headaches?

If you are noticing any of the above issues than you may need to have one of our reliable water line specialist evaluate your water lines today.​

When water lines age they become more vulnerable to the elements, such as freezing and then busting, water pressure, and even tree root intrusion, all of this can cause leaks or damage to your existing water piping. Older homes may still have original galvanized water pipes, this type of water line piping has proven to be unreliable, as this type of water line piping tends to rust and corrode, this can cause extensive water damage your home and increase your water bill due to leaks and breaks in the water pipes.


It is recommended that homes that contain galvanized water pipes should undergo a water line repipe as soon as possible to prevent extensive water damage, water leaks, or broken pipes.  

Frenia's Plumbing will always provide you with a free estimate for your water line installs and repairs. 

A water line install or water line repipe will always start with an inspection of your water lines and plumbing systems. This will help our water line experts determine if a water line repair will resolve your issues, if water line repiping is needed, or if a water line replacement is necessary. 

If you suspect a water line leak, old water pipes in your home, are in need of a water line install, or wanting an estimate for a water line repipe, then call us and let our experienced and honest plumbers provide you with a FREE comprehensive estimate for your water line replacement or repairs. 

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